Not all bonding agents are created equal. Our professionalism and experience are key.

 With agents all across the Western United States, Bond Services stands ready to help secure the right bond quickly.
Our goal is to listen and provide a tailored solution for what you need.

Extensive Knowledge

We don’t just write bonds, we understand why you need a bond, and have built our reputation around helping our clients navigate the system. We have an extensive knowledge of court procedure, including the litigation process. Our team of bond experts have vast experience helping clients find, acquire and service bonds of all kinds. Longtime relationships with attorneys, law firms and court procedure make us a model of industry knowledge, standards and practices.


We’ve been providing bond-related services for more than four decades. Our accumulated knowledge and expertise makes us a premiere partner for anyone seeking help with the bonding process.

 We believe in a service model that ensures clients move smoothly through the bonding process with understanding and ease. Our commitment to exceptional service depends on expert knowledge, strong relationships and trusted partnerships.

We’ve grown from a small startup to one of the largest, most trusted bond services companies in the nation. Our team is comprised of talented industry specialists. We hire the best of the best, and we’re proud of that.


bonds for businesses.

We specialize in helping clients obtain bonds to start and operate a business. Whether for licensing, managing a sale, or pursuing legal recourse, we assist with local, state and even federal bonds and requirements.



At Bond Services, we’ve developed a company culture centered on knowledge, honesty, and customer service. Our commitment to clients shows in every interaction, from the first phone call to final issuance. Our team has deep ties in the states and communities where we work. 

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When one is raised in sunny San Diego, there is little reason to leave. Jeff Davis began his formal education at Christian High School. Upon graduation he attended Point Loma College and concluded his degree at San Diego State University. Working with his father, Bob Davis, at Southern California Bonding Service inspired Jeff to build his own bond business in San Diego.
In 1995, Jeff founded Davis Bonding, Inc. with his father. After nearly a decade of growing the business and earning a solid reputation in the community, Davis Bonding partnered with Bond Services of California.


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John Rough, a California native, began his bonding career in college working summers for Golden State Bonding in the Los Angeles Courthouse.  In 1974 he moved to Orange County and established Bond Services of California.  Twenty years later he co-founded a second agency in Los Angeles.  In 2002 and 2003 turmoil in the industry provided the opportunity to join several agencies together, and Bond Services of California, LLC was formed.

Today the company has nine offices in three states and is the largest agency of its type in the nation.”


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After receiving a degree in Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences from the University of California in San Diego, Will Mingram’s tenacious young spirit and impressive credentials earned him a post at Van Bokkelen Bonds & Insurance Agency. Trusted to establish a Southern California office and build a client base for this Northern California-based business, Mingram’s proficiency and determination made him instrumental in the subsequent partnership agreement Von Bokkelen Bonds made to join hands with Bond Services of California.


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