Our staff has built professional relationships with the County Clerk’s Office, judges, and court personnel in the Probate Division of the California Superior Court System, the Recorder’s Office, and city officials in many counties throughout the state. We are one of the few bond companies with associates posted directly at the courthouse. This enables us to quickly process and file your bond when timing is critical.

To help you navigate the probate court system, we’ve acquired court information, including contact information, judicial assignments, and court calendars, in one convenient location.

San Diego County Superior Court

1409 Fourth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 450-7676
Telecourt: (619) 450-7540

Judicial Assignments:
Hon. Gerald Jessop, Dept. PC-1
Hon. Julia C. Kelety, Dept. PC-2

North County Court

325 S. Melrose Drive
Vista, CA 92081

Phone: (760) 201-8482
Telecourt: (760) 201-8657

Judicial Assignments:
Hon. Richard G. Cline, Dept. 4


Probate orders can be complicated. We’ve compiled an easy-to-navigate checklist to help make sure your bond is not held up on a technicality.


The following names and contact information are courtesy of the San Diego Bench Bar Committee.


San Diego Bench Bar Committee

Jerilyn Jones, Esq.
(619) 696-7066

Diane Ritchey-Andrews, Esq.
(619) 239-9475

Gary D. Jander

DISCLAIMER: This website is not the official website of the San Diego County Superior Court or the San Diego County Bar Association and neither organization assumes any responsibility for the information posted herein. The Trusts & Estates Bench Bar Committee is not an officially endorsed or sanctioned committee of the San Diego County Superior Court or the San Diego County Bar Association. The Trusts & Estates Bench Bar Committee appreciates the generosity of Bond Services for hosting this web space.

North County Court

Hon. Gerald Jessop
Hon. Julia Kelety
Terri Daniel
Merrianne Dean, Esq.
Michael Ditter, Esq.
Nancy Ewin, Esq.
Gary Jander, Esq.
Jerilyn Jones, Esq.
Alyssa Joyce, Esq.
Luann Kelley, Esq.
Brad Lovelace, Esq.
Diane Ritchey-Andrews, Esq.
Nancy Spector
Karen Kaiser
Phil Lindsley

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